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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

mainstream pop/world msuic


Many recent releases—hard to figure out what's actually new

See also:

Wikipedia's entry on Ceylan

YouTube's Ceylan videos


Like other worldpop artists

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Ceylan sings Turkish pop songs with rich, deep, emotive vocals. The friend who introduced me to her music called her a "pop tart" and while that may be true of her persona, there's more to her sound than that to the North American ear, since in general we're so unused to the sound of Turkish music. The songs have a rich sound which makes them rise above the pop throng. She sounds distinctly Turkish, though there are strong Western pop influences here, too. (Neile)

Recommended first album:

Aglayi Aglayi— Le Le Korvo is the only one we've heard


I haven't been able to find a discography

Aglayi Aglayi— Le Le Korvo

Release info:

c. 1999—Prestij Muzik


Turkey, or as import

Ecto priority:

Recommended for any world pop fans

Group members:


Guest artists:

Ismail Derker, Çin Akdeniz, Gunay Hafiftas, Kenan Ilgen, Guray Hafiftas, Erdinc Senyaylar, Ismail Soyberk, Goksel Kartal, Gulet Kipri, Uguar Karakus, Fatih Arapoglu, Eyup Hamis, Ertan Tekin, Osman Astas, Sedat Guvenir, Cengiz Ercumer, Alihan Sametoglu, Zeynep Atagur, Filiz, Orhan Hakalmaz, Erol Koker, Ercan Aydin Kenan Ilgen, Egur Karakus, Tildiray Gurgen

Produced by:

Hilmi Topalglu, Burhan Aydemir, Mahsun Kirmizibul


The album moves in two urgent main modes: lively songs, and yearning love songs (at least guessing by the tones, I could be wrong!), and sometimes songs like the title tracks that seem to mix both modes. I'm sure someone who understands Turkish would enjoy these more than I do, but I still get quite a kick from this album. Her deep vocals give even the liveliest songs gravity and emotional weight. Great for when you need something mostly lively but not fluffy! (Neile)

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