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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Ethereal ambient ectronica


Most recent release, Milk (2017)

See also:

Coppé's site

Wikipedia's entry for Coppé


Other ambient trip hop artists, a little like Solex

Covers/own material:

Own and co-writing

General comments:

A dancy, dreamy electronic artist from Japan. I belonged to a dreampop listserve for a while and when one of the members found out the kind of artists I like, he recommended Coppé to me. I found some samples and bought two albums right away. Often this kind of electronica doesn't do so very much for me—I like it, but when it's instrumental as on Nauru) it doesn't feel essential. BUT something about Coppé's vocals and the way the songs are constructed on Papa My Buddha immediately grabbed my attention and continues to appeal to me many years layer. Sometime I have to check out the rest of her catalogue to see if she has more like this one, because I LOVE it. (Neile)

Recommended first album:

Papa My Buddha


  • Coppé (1995)
  • O of M with Coppé (1997)
  • Peppermint (1999)
  • Mercury (2000)
  • Papa My Buddha (2000)
  • Nauru (2003)
  • 8 (2004)
  • 9+10=10th Anniversary! (2 CDs, 2005)
  • Fi-lamente (2007)
  • Artificial Insemination (2010)
  • Coppe' In A Pill (2010)
  • Yogurt (with Bit-Phalanx, 2011)
  • Rays / Coppe' In A Bloc (2012)
  • Coppe' Who? (Aloha From Mars!) (compilation, 2012)
  • Void (2013)
  • 20rpm (2015)
  • Milk (2017)

Papa My Buddha

with R. Breen

Release info:

2000—Mango & Sweet Rice


See Mango & Sweet Rice site

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended

Group members:

Coppé—vocals, atmospheres
R. Breen—noise

Guest artists:

Terry D—ambience

Produced by:

Terry D, Nico


This disc is particularly moving becuase a lot of the sounds were recorded in the hospital while Coppé for there during her father's final illness. Despite that, it's not depressing. There are some lovely catchy tracks like the delightful openers, "Pomegranate Tears" and "When It Rains/Click." I admit I can get weary of pieces like "Gerald's Blue Dream"—but the other tracks brilliantly redeem it. And the long piece that ends the album, "Bones and Ashes," is amazing. It's the track that I think identifies most closely with her experiences in the hospital and coping with the emotional aftermath, and it's a brilliant song and construction. Highly recommended. Just thinking about this album makes me want to replay it. (Neile)


Release info:

2003—Mango & Sweet Rice—MSR 007


See Mango & Sweet Rice site

Ecto priority:

Recommended for instrumental electronic fans

Group members:

Coppé—vocals, toys, atmostpheres

Guest artists:

Dr. Jacobson—piano on 3 tracks
Hiro—guitar on 1 track
Lou Benanto—double bass on 1 track

Produced by:

Nico & Terry D.


While we loved Papa My Buddha this was a little too atmospheric for us. When I bought this, I was hoping for another Papa My Buddha and so was disappointed. Fans of electronic instrumentals will probably love this, but we prefer vocals. (Neile)

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