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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Darkwave ectronic rock


Most recent release, Mind & Matter (2018)

See also:

Collide's site


Vocally the lead singer is a bit like kym brown; overall sound is dark more darkwave/Gothic than that, though

Covers/own material:

Own, occasional covers

General comments:

very interesting stuff—a bit gothy, a bit trip-hoppy, a bit electronic. at times, you'd think it was kym brown singing since the vocalist (kaRIN) sings in that whisper sing-song style that kym brown has nailed down. (

Yes, I can also hear the resemblance to kym brown. Collide leans more towards the crunchy rather than ethereal end of the range, but that's OK by me—I think I'm just in the mood for something like this right now. (

Recommended first album:



  • The Crimson Trial (cassette only, 1995)
  • Beneath the Skin (1997)
  • Distort (1998)
  • Chasing the Ghost (2000)
  • Some Kind of Strange (2003)
  • Vortex (2004)
  • Live at the El Rey (2005)
  • Ultrashiver (2007)
  • Two Headed Monster (2008)
  • Not Forgotten (digital, 2008)
  • These Eyes Before (2009)
  • Counting to Zero (2011)
  • Bent and Broken (2012)
  • Bent and Broken Instrumentals (2013)
  • Color of Nothing (2017)
  • Color of Nothing Instrumentals (2017)
  • Mind & Matter (2018)

Chasing the Ghost

Release info:

2000—Noiseplus Music—Noise 10002


See website for availability

Ecto priority:

Recommended for fans of darkwave rock

Group members:


Guest artists:

William Faith—additional guitar on 2 tracks
Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse) additional vocals on 1 track
Tim Pierce—additional guitar on 3 tracks
Fritz Heede—sitar on 1 track
Chris Candelaria—additional guitar on 1 track
Kevin Kipnis (Purr Machine)——additional guitar on 1 track

Produced by:



Vocoder on two tracks. Ack. Even though woj recommended it and I liked the samples I heard I found that I couldn't listen to this disc all the way through at once. There's some kind of weird repetitive style that I just overload on. Probably darkwave fans would like this much more than I do. (Neile)

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