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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

New Age instrumental, bracketed by 2 vocal tracks that are contemporary folk/Goddess/women's music


Most recent release, the Nymphaeum, 2001

See also:

All Music's Angelwing page


Vocal tracks: Ruth Barrett & Cynthia Smith (they do Goddess-y music). Instrumental tracks: calls to mind the soundtrack to the gorgeous videogame "ChronoCross", music by Yasunori Mitsuda. Also brings to mind Mike Oldfield music...and stretching it: Dead Can Dance, but not as exotic as Dead Can Dance. (fleur)

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Lovely melodic acoustic piano and guitar backed by acoustic and electronic orchestra plus soft vocals. Vocal tracks are pleasant. Peaceful, hopeful, uplifting, moving—good mix of relaxing and "dance-y" music. One *is* transported to a magical place. (fleur)

Recommended first album:

the Nymphaeum is their debut release


the Nymphaeum

the Nymphaeum

Release info:

2001—Excel Music


See the Internet Archive for availability—seems to be a free download there as of December 2018

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Reenie Varga—vocal, whispers, backing vocals
Erin Hawkins—cello, vocal, backing vocals
Rick Costello—Gibson J50 acoustic, Les Paul electric guitar, Hilton's classical guitar
Gary Strausbaugh—Roland XP50 & XP60 keyboards, Yamaha piano
Frank Danna—electric guitar on 1 track
Victor Bradley—electric fretless bass
John Biehl—percussion

Produced by:

Gary Strausbaugh


Note: Hidden/not hidden: The last two tracks are put on the CD as if they were hidden, in that tracks 9 and 10 occur 10 minutes after the conclusion of track 8. However tracks 9 and 10 *are* listed on the back of the crystal case.

Good for relaxing, relieving stress, and inspiration. (fleur)

Thanks to Joanna Phillips for work on this entry.

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