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Happy Rhodes—RhodeSongs

(Collection of previously released songs, acoustic versions and one new song.)

Release info:

1993—Aural Gratification—AGCD0021 [CD] AGC 0021 [cassette]


See Auntie Social Music—Happy Rhodes' Official website for current availability

Ecto priority:

Very high. (

Group members:

Happy Rhodes—vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion

Guest artists:

Kevin Bartlett—appears on some songs, playing one or more of the following instruments: bass guitar, percussion, additional keyboards, electric guitar
Chuck D'Aloia—nylon string guitar
Ray Jung—bass

Produced by:

Happy Rhodes and Kevin Bartlett


It's a great retrospective, though I think in order to experience her greater depths you'd have to buy all the CDs. (

Nice to hear different motivations to some old songs. (

A good survey of the lighter side of the Hapster's repertoire, it's the acoustic re-workings and the cover of Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" that make this a must-buy for Ectophiles. (

"Summer" is such a beautiful song! It's one of the very few songs that really hurt when I listen to them, because the lyrics bring back some rather complicated memories. I'd love to hear the story behind this song from Happy. (

I hadn't heard Happy until about 2 months ago when I bought Equipoise. About 2 weeks ago I got this and I like it better. I suppose compilations shouldn't really qualify, but I find this one to be excellent, plus it's got new/previously unreleased material. I adore the tribute version of "Feed the Fire." (

An interesting emotional tour through Happy's early stuff. Bonus points for including the "secret" track! (

Once I heard RhodeSongs the rest was history. Happy has now supplanted Ultravox/Midge Ure as my favorite artist of all time. (

Wow! Even though I'd heard almost everything before, there was something about all those songs being together in one place that made it feel almost as if I was hearing them for the first time. (

It's an EXCELLENT starter disc, but now that I've acquired all of Happy's albums, I'm finding little use for it. It's still essential, however, for the tribute version of "Feed the Fire" and the original version of "Summer." I still can't imagine anyone listening to the first four tracks and not falling in love with this woman's music. I remember feeling the same way the first time I popped in Kate Bush's The Whole Story and heard that voice (for the very first time) singing "Wuthering Heights" and then "Cloudbusting." I melted. (Patrick)

In my opinion, Rhodesongs is an *excellent* CD to get if one is interested in the earlier, more acoustical Happy; sorta like a greatest hits, part I.
     Of course...all the Happy material is worthwhile, if you can find it. (

Happy Rhodes' recordings:

The main Happy Rhodes page

Thanks to Philip Sainty for work on this entry.

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