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Soundtrack: The Hanging Garden

Release info:

1997—Virgin Music Canada—7 2438 44908 2 9

See also:

IMDB's entry for the film The Hanging Garden

Type of music generally:

Ethereal, traditional Celtic, and alternative pop


Hard to find; album has been discontinued

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended


  1. Ani DiFranco—"The Million You Never Made"
  2. Ashley MacIsaac—"Ashley's Reels"
  3. Mae Moore—"Deep Water"
  4. Spirit of the West—"Kiss & Tell"
  5. Jane Siberry—"When Spring Comes"
  6. Holly Cole—"Petals in a Stream"
  7. The Rankin Family—"Sir James Baird"
  8. Meryn Cadell with Mary Margaret O'Hara—"Wash Down"
  9. Mary Jane Lamond—"Ba Ba Mo Leanabh"
  10. Lori Yates—"The Future Is Here"
  11. Deb Montgomery—"The Tale"
  12. Æther—"Half Light"
  13. Laurel MacDonald—"Oran Na H Eala"
  14. John Roby—"Theme From 'Hanging Garden'"
  15. Leahy—"Colm Quigley"
  16. Wyrd Sisters—"If It Ain't Here"

Produced by:

Ron Proulx


This album should qualify as ectoish if only for the number of tracks by Ectoguide artists. But more than that, it's a fantastic album (the film is also really beautiful). I especially like how the songs work together so it sounds like a cohesive album rather than merely a soundtrack collection. (My only quibbles are the songs that bookend the album. Ani's song doesn't really fit, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't used in the film. The Wyrd Sisters' track is not one of my favorites, but how much it annoys me tends to depend on my mood).
     Some of my favorite songs are by artists I'm not very familiar with, like the tracks by Mae Moore, &Aelig;ther and Laurel MacDonald. Being a fan of Celtic music, I'm happy with how much is sprinkled throughout the soundtrack (the Ashley MacIsaac, Mary Jane Lamond, Laurel MacDonald, and Leahy tracks, and arguably the Rankin Family track as well). Probably my favorite of all is the Meryn Cadell/Mary Margaret O'Hara collaboration which is simply gorgeous. It's also just great to find Mary Margaret O'Hara's voice anywhere you can.
     As for the rest of the tracks, they're all pretty great. I already knew the Jane Siberry and Mary Jane Lamond songs from their albums, but they work well here. As for new (at least to me) songs, Holly Cole does a lovely interpretation of "Petals in a Stream," Spirit of the West contributes an upbeat pop song, Lori Yates does a somewhat dark electronica, and Deb Montgomery gives a dark and haunting performance. The theme song is also quite lovely. (JoAnn Whetsell)

One of the top 5 compilations of the year. (

Thanks to JoAnn Whetsell for work on this entry.

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