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Pamela Morgan

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Mainstream pop


Most recent release, Play On (2012)

See also:

Pamela Morgan's site

The Ectophiles' Guide entries for her duo work with Anita Best, and Figgy Duff, the group that she previously sang with.


Karen Matheson of Capercaillie

Covers/own material:

Own, cowritten with Noel Dinn, and Noel Dinn's songs

General comments:

Very smooth pop. Doesn't usually hit within my radar, but her work in Figgy Duff and with Anita Best made me notice her stunning voice. If I listen to it and not the songs, I love this. Those with a more friendly relationship with smooth pop will LOVE this. (Neile)

Recommended first album:

The Collection might be a good place to start as it is a sampler of all her work, including that with Figgy Duff


  • On A Wing And A Prayer (1996)
  • Collection (c. 2000)
  • Seven Years (c. 2004)
  • Ancestral Songs (c. 2006)
  • Play On (2012)

On A Wing And A Prayer

Release info:

1996—Sleeping Giant Music/Amber Music (Canada)—7771 7001-2


In Canadian places that carry indie releases

Ecto priority:

Recommended only for soft pop fans

Group members:

Pamela Morgan—vocals, tin whistle, keyboard, acoustic guitar

Guest artists:

Sandy Morris—12-string guitar, high-strung guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar,
Dave Panting—mandolin, bouzouki
Bernard Felix—accordion
Rob Laidlaw—bass
George Morgan—drums, keyboard, percussion, piano, hammered dulcimer
Fergus O'Byrne—bodhran
Anita Best—background vocals
Kathy Phippard—background vocals
Serguei Tchepournov—violin
Philip Dinn—background vocals
Benjamin Davenport—cello
The Gang—background vocals
Frank Maher—accordion
Kelly Russell—fiddle
Glen Simmonds—background vocals

Produced by:

Pamela Morgan


Pamela Morgan has a stunning voice, and the combination here of traditional instruments backing pop songs makes for a smooth sound where her voice really has a chance to shine. (Neile)

Further info:

Write to: Amber Music, PO Box 156, Topsail, C.B., Newfoundland, CANADA A0A 3Y0

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