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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

alternative, ethereal ectronica


Most recent release, The Best of Hooverphonic (compilation, 2016); most recent release of new material, In Wonderland (2016)

See also:

Hooverphonic's site

Wikipedia's entry for Hooverphonic


Portishead, Goldfrapp

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General comments:

Their music definitely fits into the Portishead category. I like to think of it as what early Lush might have sounded like if produced by Tricky rather than Robin Guthrie. It's never as blue as Portishead or as harsh as Tricky, but man is it good. Spacey loops, grinding bass, dreamy vocals. Killer, just killer. (

I heard Hooverphonic at a listening station once and I thought it was interesting but not quite interesting enough (for my taste) to actually part with the cash. The comparison to Portishead seems well placed, it's just that one Portishead is enough for me. (

Recommended first album:

A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular


  • A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular (1996)
  • Blue Wonder Power Milk (1998)
  • The Magnificent Tree (2000)
  • Jackie Cane (2002)
  • Sit Down and Listen to Hooverphonic (2003)
  • No More Sweet Music (2005)
  • President Of The LSD Golf Club (2008)
  • The Night Before (2010)
  • Hooverphonic With Orchestra Live (live, 2012)
  • Reflection (2013)
  • In Wonderland (2016)
  • The Best of Hooverphonic (compilation, 2016)

A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular

Release info:

1996—Epic/Sony—EK 68010



Ecto priority:

Recommended for fans of sampled/electronica/pop

Group members:

Liesje Sadonius—vocals
Raymond Geerts—guitar, breaths
Frank Duchêne—engineering, keyboards
Alex Callier—programming, keyboards

Guest artists:

Eric Bosteels—drums
Stefan Bracoval—flute soso
Ursi Vanderherten—French parlando
Charlotte Van de Perre—Spanish parlando
Sven Muller—single note bass

Produced by:



This album almost sounds more like Portishead than the Portishead album, but is a little too repetitive and derivative, particularly in its use of samples. While definitely a good album, Hooverphonic doesn't take a whole lot of risks, but fits nicely in to the new genre defined by bands like Portishead and Tricky. The lead vocalist Liesje Sadonius has a pleasant voice, but lacks the uniqueness to really make you take notice of the lyrics, which is probably a good thing. Instead, she comes across almost as ethereal as Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins), until you notice that you can actually decipher lyrics if you try to. Overall, the album makes great background or mood music, with nice driving beats, but a few of the sample sounds (like the CB chatter and "the new stereophonic sound spectacular") are more annoying than enhancing. (

After hearing the name of this group several times, I took a chance...good ethereal dance stuff. (

I discovered Hooverphonic back in July and have been listening to it far too much to have any time to mention it on ecto. A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular is my top-drawer, numero uno favorite purchase of the year. It is FABULOUS. It ranks as my favorite album purchase of the year. They mix entrancing ambient synth and gorgeous dreamy vocals with deep trip-hop beats and samples. (

The Magnificent Tree

Release info:



I am enjoying this immensely. It's lush, atmospheric, and varied. Many of the songs mix strings and synthesizers smoothly, and there's one song where Geike Arnaert uses a voder to lower her voice á la Laurie Anderson. I'm really interested in finding more of their stuff now. The CD I got, apparently as a marketing move, includes "Renaissance Affair" (the song used in one of the VW Beetle ads) as a bonus track. (

Thanks to for work on this entry.

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