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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Alternative pop


Most recent release, Monolove (2005)

See also:

Ephemera's site

Wikipedia's entry on Ephemera


See general comments, below. Also, Belly with harmonies

Covers/own material:


General comments:

A wonderful mixture of Cranberries, Velvet Belly, Björk, Kari Rueslåtten and Suzanne Vega. (

Consists of 3 Norwegian girls. So far, they're only published one CD: Glue (1996). Their music: evocative, low-voiced, airy and guitar-acoustic with a withdrawn beat. They voices are good and clear, but not great. There are 12 songs (in English) on the CD, most of them are mellow, "calm" songs. On the "negative" side—there is little variation in the vocals, the melodies and the performance. But all in all it's a nice recording with some beautiful songs. In my opinion :-) (

Recommended first album:

Glue is the best-known here


  • Glue (1996)
  • Sun (2000)
  • Balloons and Champagne (2001)
  • Air (2003)
  • Score (2004)
  • Monolove (2005)


Release info:

1996—BMG (Norway)—RCA 74321 411382



Ecto priority:

Highly recommended

Group members:

Christine Sandtorv—vocal, guitar, 12-string guitar, harmony vocal, piano
Inger-Lise Størksen—harmony vocal, mandolin, bottle, lead vocal, kazoo, jewsharp, drum
Jannicke Larsen—harmony vocal, electric guitar, eggs, accordion, lead vocal, recorder, tambourine, guitar

Guest artists:

Bjarte Ludvigsen—drums, loop, tambourine, percussion
Per Amund Solberg—bass
André Ohrvik—vilin
Daniel Dalnoski—violin
Stig Ove Ose—violina
Old Martin Gimle—cello
Geir Sundstøl—lap steel guitar
Knut Bøhn—organ, bass, mellotron

Produced by:

Knut Bøhn


I bought the debut album by a new norwegian band called Ephemera today. I would say that after listening to it 2 times through, it is as good as Velvet Belly's The Landing. The band consists mainly of 3 women all with wonderful voices. The album itself is very acoustic-oriented, focused on the vocals. Definitly Ecto.... Very promising up to now, very promising. "Everything" has got to be one of the most beautiful songs ever written. (

Great haunty pop songs. Wonderful harmonies and charming, interesting pop songs. A really enjoyable disc! (Neile)

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