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Deep 6 Holiday

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:



Most recent release, Redhead Fetish (2010)

See also:

Tyler Azelton's Deep 6 Holiday info

AllMusic's info on Deep Six Holiday


First of June, maybe a touch of Arson Garden

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Grand rock and ballads topped with rich vocals. Ectophiles looking for more rock-based music would do well to track this group's work down. Tyler Azelton has a lovely voice and the backing tunes are diverse and energetic—a surpringly rare combo these days. The band's roots are in lush 1970s and 1980s rock (guitar solos, soaring orchestras), but in a contemporary mode. (

A good band. Deep 6 Holiday make ecto-ish noir rock with classical touches. Kinda. The singer is amazing. (

Recommended first album:

awake at the funeral is the only one we've heard


awake at the funeral

Release info:



See Deep 6 Holiday's site

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for fans of female-fronted rock

Group members:

Tyler Azelton—vocals, piano, keyboards
Ian Hattwick—guitars, effects
T.J. Troy—drums
John Graves—bass
Carol Chaikin—woodwinds
Claire Bergen—viola, violin
Yvette Holzwarth—violin

Produced by:

John Graves


An album of intrigung rock and pop songs focused by Tyler Azeltons strong vocals. Some heavy rocking moments, a wealth of harmonic ballads, plenty of piano. The first two tracks, "Water" and "Strong" are probably the highlights as far as rockers go, and I would recommend "Empty Casket" as the strongest ballad, though I'm particularly fond of "Cyber Home" for the mixing of the title with a electronic harpsichord backing—this one is also shows the simple effectiveness of Tyler Azelton's vocals (despite being less dramatic than other songs for example the wordless "Greta"). Overall, this is a strong debut, and highly recommended for those looking for something a little more rocking. (

Awake at the Funeral is on my list of this year's best albums. (

Thanks to Sophia Gurley and Anna Maria Stjärnell for work on this entry.

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